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  • Capacities 3–50 t 
  • Stainless steel housing 
  • Surge arrestors itted 
  • Simple to install 
  • 0.02% total error 
  • 6 wire sense circuit 
  • Output tolerance 0.1


  • Truck weighbridges 
  • Silo and hopper weighing 
  • Train “rail” scales 
  • Process weighing  


The Model 120 is a high capacity truck scale and silo load cell which is supplied complete with its own unique rocker mounting components.

Suitable for all heavy duty weighing applications, the Model 120 gives the user high accuracy and low installation cost.

The Model 120 has a stainless steel housing to protect against corrosion. The alloy steel compression element is nickel-plated, and the rocker mounting accessories are zinc-plated alloy steel.

The two additional sense wires feed back the voltage reaching the load cell. Complete compensation of  change in lead resistance, due to temperature change and/or cable extension, is achieved by feeding this voltage into the appropriate electronics.